McPherson Auction & Realty

Item Description
1.Bowls , Dishes, Telephones, Jim Beam Decanter, 2 bottles of wine
2.small items in cabinet and 2 hosier flour sifters aid mixer, cast-iron pans, utencils, base cabinet with cooking ware, and drawer of silver and cutlery
4.Seasonal tins, Canisters for Flower, Sugar, etc.. Cookie sheets, Muffin tins & etc..
5.Assorted. Dishes, glasses, cups
6.Coffee maker, Stanly thermos, 3 cast iron pans, scissors, tin snips
7.Kenmore Countertop Microwave
8.Kenmore Fridge Mfg. 2008
9.2 frying pans with lids and Lazy Suzy spice rack / fruit rack/ etc..
10.12 x 13" 1 painted by Ronald sterns and 1 painted by 23 x 34 " by Harvey Dunn
11.2 Pictures 1 is 6 1/2 x 10 1/2 " other is 10 x 11" by Irene Ecke
12.2 Fredric Running ton prints 1 is 30 1/2 x 22 1/2 " other is 24 1/2 x 29
13.Charlie Russell Prints 28 1/2 x 19 1/2'" other is 20 1/2 x 28 1/2 "
14.3 Pairs of glasses
15.Tray of collectible items
16.2 wooden chairs
17.41 1/2 x 20 x 35 1/2 tall " wooden writing desk
18.Queen sized wooden bed frame with 6 drawer bed storage (no box spring or mattress) mirror
19.9 drawer dresser with mirror
20.Assorted bedding, pillows, heated queen sized mattress pad and blankets
21.Jewelry Boxes on top of dresses, with custom jewelry, curlers and 3 suit cases
22.Contents of closet, linens , hangers, sheets, etc..
22.1.Sentry home safe - in the bedroom closet. Sells with the combo
23.Wool nurses coat, white jacket, and 83 Lead High school Jacket
24.Assorted. Vases and pitchers
25.8 wildlife pictures in 1 frame 65 x 41 1/2 " by Lyndle Dunn
26.Metal train track and water tower, and picture of the water pond on property
27.Roll top desk 31 1/2 x 20 x 47 " tall
28.Loose contents of bookcase, board games, etc..
29.Wooden Winchester box, old pictures, and trapping book
30.Wall hanging liquid thermometer, 1 standing liquid thermometer, 1- hanging thermometer
31.Painting 42 x 26 " by Michael Tuma South Dakota Artist
32.Elk Painting 26 x 32 " by Michael Tuma South Dakota Artist
33.2 Pictures 14 x 16 " by Michael Tuma South Dakota Artist
34.Piece of Drift wood
35.small side table and stool, with table lamp
35.1.Reverie Adjustable Queen Bed
36.Painting 36 1/2 x 30 " old church in North Dakota by Harris
37.Grand Canyon 16 1/2 x 28 1/2 " by Fred Byo
38.2 Native American Pictures one is 12 1/2 x 17 other 9 1/2 12 1/2 by Julie Guliksen
39.Picture of Hardware Hank by Jim Sayer 39 x 21 with 3 wall hanging western figures
40.Small wooden gun cabinet will hold 4 guns with ammo, leather razor strap, and 2 bird houses
41.1 pictures is 11 x 9 " In pic is Lew Keehn, Myron Stearns & smaller picture is 8 x 6 " with gold nugget beer central city
42.Old Style Saloon #10 12 x 18 " Signed by Lew Keehn. 18 x 23 Famous Deadman's Hand picture
43.3 Days of 76 pictures 2 is 9 x 11 other is 17 x 17
44.Jean Dehaven mule train picture and 45 record
45.1 advertising picture 8 x 6" copy of disposition form dated 1953 no drivers license required in SD
46.18 old Silhouette 4 1/4 x 5 1/4 up to 8 x 9 1/2 "
47.galaxy sewing machine wooden desk and contents of desk 40 x 20 x 30 " tall with several medical items in the drawers
48.sewing box with assorted thread, and sewing supplies
48.1.3 collectible Days of 76 belt buckle one is for 83, 84, 85 with 3 cans of 1990 Harley beer with small wood shelf and contents
49.8 old bottles
50.8 old bottles
51.7 old bottles
52.11 old bottles
53.4 jars
54.5 jars
55.wood rocker, ironing board and oaster food massage
56.old highchair, stroller, potty chair
57.handmade quilt 52"x64"
58.Redding powder and bullet scale
59.Ohaus scale balance scale - will need repairs to the base
60.Voland 220-d scale in humidity control case - used at Homestake back in the dayt
61.stimpson no. 70 scale with glass platform cracked scale, Detroit Michigan
62.mallchite polished rocked
63.fossils and rocks
64.amethyst and agates
65.9 old bottles screen projector and viewer
67.railroads of the black hills pic 19"x25''
68.department of the interior BLM 15"x12" 1862-1962 centennial of the homestead law
69.native American oil painting 27"x15" and 6 smaller prints
70.assorted old newspapers and books scrapbooks from the early 1900's
71.stained glass window 13''x24.5"
72.assorted hardware hank memorabilia
73.Tonka dump truck
74.Tonka road grader
75.buddy L truck - with seat, missing the steering wheel but otherwise this is an exceptional ride on toy truck
76.Tonka dump truck
77.assorted cars, trucks and 2 padlocks
78.assorted tokens and homestake mining safety award
79.shark tooth locking blade knife with case
80.schrade locking blade knife with case
81.buck mustang pocket knife and case
82.schrade Sundance limited edition with case
83.schrade Sundance limited edition with case bear cult Texas lock horn double locking blade with case
85.Rodgers and sons pocket knife Swiss army knife with case
86.beaded glasses case with 5 knives and stainless multi tool colonial locking bade knife
89.assorted can, bottle openers hamms, miller, pbr, bud
90.pair of sterling candle holders
91.oak desk, 2 office chairs, 2 drawer steel file cabinets
92.bronze big horn sheep t.w Richards 14" on walnut base
93.3 tuma sculptures
94.2 Richard tuma bronzes
95.assorted glassware and crystal stemware
96.lighted corner curio cabinet 29"x74" built by Myron
97.2 Ariel pictures of open cut 22"x18" and 23"x23" central city
98.homesake mining letter and pics 1965
99.assorted woven basket vases and large baskets
100.contents of 2 shelfs glassware and brass
101.contents of 2 shelves
102.contents of 2 shelves
103.contents of 2 shelves
104.bookcase 31.5"x49" 8.5" deep - contents not included
105.bookcase 31.5"x49" 8.5" deep - CONTENTS NOT INCLUDED
106.lighted globe
107.seashells display case 48"24"x37.5" T
108.31.5''x8.5"x49" book case- CONTENTS NOT INCLUDED
109.31.5"x8.5"x49" book case- CONTENTS NOT INCLUDED
110.31.5"8.5"x49" bookcase- CONTENTS NOT INCLUDED
111.contents of the bookcase, flag, 1918 Wrigley's magazine, books, pamphlets, binoculars and etc.
112.contents of the hutch and esco china service for 24
113.hutch 58"x27"x69"T
114.3 wooden chairs
115.Deadwood Courthouse 27"x28" by Marilyn Hughes pencil drawing 10/30
116.18"x18" picture of the iron horse inn by Jim Sayre
117.18"x24" picture of the iron horse in by Jim Sayre
118.18"x22" picture of of deadwood Fairmont hotel by Jim Sayre
119.1928 Spearfish year book. 1948, 1983 yearbooks
120.Deadwood memorabilia books
121.3-Gold Belt cities books these are the set #293 set
121.1.2 Books, West of North autographed by author & The Indian How Book
122.Homestake memorabilia & Sharp bits 1955-1960's
123.Lawrence County History , Black Hills yesterday & today
124.old panoramic 1928 picture of Days of 76 attendees on Main Street - has some small tears and damage from all the years and it has been rolled up more than its been flat
125.dinning table w/2 leaves & 6 chairs
126.serving trays, bowls, napkin holder
127.silver plate flatware set, Community Service and wooden case
128.Coffee service set, 2-serving trays, & candy dish,
129.baking pans, and cookware, pressure cooker
129.1.wood table 76"x40" collapses to approx. 20"x40"
130.painting wine and cheese 28 1/2"x24 1/2"Artist Jim Sayre tongs, mining picks,
132.2-Native American stone Mallet heads
133.VERY OLD Musket ball bag and powder horn,
134.2-wooden handled walking sticks
135.sword w/ hand carved wood case
136.EMPIRE CLOTHES DRYER wooden wall hanging drying rack
137.Lantern, small can w/lid
138.wooden butter churn WITH internal paddle wheel, handle missing
139.cast iron corn bread pan, 8" cast iron skillet
140.Colander, juicer, sifter, morter and pestle
141.21"x25" rodeo painting original 1975 artist Jim Sayre
142.25"x31" rodeo painting original 1975 Jim Sayre
143.14"x17" Pencil sketch of Rodeo cowboy matches Lot 142 original by Jim Sayre 1975
144.12 1/2" x 13 1/2" cowboy pencil possibly ink sketch Jim Sayre original 1976 also framed photo of area artists in picture and newspaper article 1974
145.18" x 22" cowboy pencil art, Jim Sayre 1976 original
146.13"x15" colored pencil drawing rodeo pic. Autographed note to Jim Sayre from Kenny Fuller
147.11 1/2"x18" James R. Bakkon 1966 old cowboy pencil drawing original
148.27"x21" Bob Corington Buffalo getting shot
149.22"x18" TW Richards pencil drawing of a deer
150.29"x31" Charles Weidemann Schools Out
151.24"x27" Charles Weidemann Fall of Birch Trees
152.28"x29" Charles Weidemann block and tackle
153.13"x15" Norman Fuller Horse Head
154.33"x23" Norman Fuller Looking Back
155.30"x26" Norman Fuller 2 horse heads
156.31"x27" Norman Fuller Winter scene of church
157.25"x32" K. Fuller horse head pic.
158.19"x23" K. Fuller Grizzly bear pic.
159.22"x26" K. Fuller Cowboy Horse and Hereford cattle by the water
160.6 pictures all 25"x31" Lyndle Dunn wildlife
161.20"x32" Lyndle Dunn 2 Mountain Goats silver etched - ORGINAL
162.32"x26" Lyndle Dunn Coyote and Rabbit silver etched - ORGINAL
163.24"x31" Lyndle Dunn 2 Mountain sheep silver etched - ORGINAL
164.2-3 drawer cabinets 32"x17"x28" tall
165.32"x17"x28" 2 door cabinet
166.wood rocking chair and 3 legged stand
167.2- Recliners
168.2- end tables
169.Love Seat & Sofa
170.wooden table 48"x36" and 4 chairs
171.2 office chairs, small. Cosco step stool
172.6 wildlife prints all mounter on a 61"x52" board
173.4 colored prints 15"x12" by Lyndle Dunn Black Hills scenes
174.approx. 100 copies 18"x23" pencil cowboy pic,
175.18"x15"old scenery picture
176.variety of pictures from 3"x5" to 26"x18"
177.assorted pic. Frames
178.assorted pic. Frames
179.assorted pic. Frames
180.23"x27" bevel edge mirror
181.variety of framed and unframed paintings and prints / pictures from 8"x10" & 16"x20" to 24"x36"
182.wheel chair, walker, crutches, toilet booster seat, ortho pedic braces, extremity pump, table 54"x18"x 17" and nightstand 14 1/2"x12 1/2" x 25" tall
184.Carhart size 42 insulated work coat, Key Coveralls Lg. reg. Polar King bib overalls 42 waist x 36 asstd. Hats size 10 boots supplies
186.chalk, water balloons, and ball air pump
187.wood saw, box of mouse traps, rat traps, extension cord
188.Bissell upright carpet cleaner with solutions with 8 TRACK TAPES AND PLAYER, cassette tape recorder, 45 records, cart and lamp
190.5 table lamps
191.picnic basket, picnic case and 4 life jackets
192.chest cooler and water jug lanterns, portable camp stove
194.large group of cam chairs, arm floaties and floaties and camp stools
195.2 camp heaters and sterno heat cans
196.2 ceiling fans of 3 pair of skis of 7 rods and reels and 8 fishing reels on a pipe
199.portable table w/hutch 2 watering cans small gardening tools glove, bat, croquette set, horse shoes no stakes
201.Long Tom single barrel wall hanger shot gun, has stock damage
202.Belgium Double Barrel shotgun wall hanger
203.Durham Mag. 270 Mauser bolt action rifle w/ Bausch & Lomb scope 2.5x8
204.Custom 257 Roberts rifle w/Mauser bolt action & Bausch & Lomb scope 2.5x8
205.Winchester Mod. 50 20 ga. Shotgun 2 3/4" chamber semi auto ser.120027
206.Winchester Mod. 97 12 Ga. Full choke pump shotgun ser. 722593 29" barrel
207.Winchester Mod. 94 30-30 lever action ser. 1995403
208.Winchester Mod. 97 16 Ga. 2 3/4" pump shotgun ser.386699 24" barrel
209.Remington Mod. 722.257 Roberts bolt action w/Weaver K-4 scope
209.1.Remington Mod. 34 22 cal. Short long or LR bolt action rifle ser. 135566
210.36 cal. Black powder cap and ball revolver w/leather holster
211.Beretta 7.65 mm VT 1944 w/2 clips ser. 508457
212.Ruger 22 cal. Single 6 revolver w/ 2 extra revolvers, chip on the grip
213.H&R mod. 633 32 cal. S&W SS revolver serial 22368
214.4 boxes Remington 32 cal. 3 full boxes, 1 half full,
215.Ruger 357 cal. Black Hawk revolver ser. 32- 30467
215.1.Hopkins and Allen pistol frame and other frames need to be rebuilt
216.4 partial boxes brass and live ammo 257 Roberts in 4 very old Western Super X boxes
217.8 boxes, 22 ammo long and short
218.left open intentionally
219.2 scales, 1 is a number 2 hanging 1 is a hanging bar scale with counterweight
220.2 plastic benches with red wood picnic table
221.Decorative wood
222.Decorative wood
223.3 saws, 1 hay knife, and scythe
224.tree stump with horseshoe grown into wood mount hand crank drill press and leg vice
226.5 ALUMINUM lawn chairs with umbrella
227.3 cast iron sculpture
228.3 cast iron sculpture
231.Glider wooden bench 76" long
232.2 vintage metal patio chairs
233.Windmill approx. 30 ft. tall more or less - buyer to remove
234.2 large rocks
235.6 large rocks
236.6 large rocks
237.4 medium sized rocks with 12 smaller rocks
238.5 larger rocks 3 smaller rocks
239.8 medium sized rocks with 12 smaller rocks
240.approx. 12 rocks
241.3 large rocks
242.1 rock
243.1 rock
244.2 flat rocks
245.1 rock
246.1 rock
247.1 rock
248.1 rock
249.1 rock
250.46" thick large piece of wood, and drift wood
251.Stihl weed eater gas
252.Poulan gas powered leaf blower
253.Poulan pro gas motor 6.25 ex Briggs & Stratton engine
254.Troy-Bilt hydrostatic 46" deck riding mower
255.Yamaha gas powered golf cart (it runs, need engine work) with golf clubs
256.Yamaha 2 stroke gas powered golf cart/mountain goat....this little guy will go anywhere on this property.
257.2" discharge water hose
258.1 1/2" high pressure fire hose
259.***** ATTENTION PLEASE READ THE UPDATE FOR THIS ITEM****Stihl MS 260 chainsaw with 20" bar - THIS SAW RUNS. (It was previously described as needing fuel system work, which was incorrect, this saw runs)(AS OF 3:35PM mt THE BIDDING WILL BE RESTARTED ON THIS ITEM)
260.**** ATTENTION PLEASE READ THE UPDATE FOR THIS ITEM****Stihl model 021 chain saw with extra chain and parts - NEEDS REPAIR...AT LEAST FUEL SYSTEM AND BEYOND THAT ???. (It was previously described as RUNNING AND IT IS NOT) (AS OF 3:35PM mt THE BIDDING WILL BE RESTARTED ON THIS ITEM)
261.Half round 60" jewelers bench
262.S & K socket set 1/2 drive, short and deep
263.1/2 air impact, assorted sockets, and torque wrench
264.assorted. Sockets 3/8 and 3/4
265.2 boxes of assorted tools
266.2 boxes of assorted tools
267.2 boxes of assorted tools
268.2 boxes of assorted tools
269.2 boxes of assorted tools
270.2 boxes of assorted tools
271.2 boxes of assorted tools
272.2 boxes of assorted tools of small c clamps and fabric tape
274.2 boxes of assorted tools
275.bag of floor dry, pine shavings
276.tub of assorted masonry tools and galvanized tub
277.Bullet molds
278.lead and melting pot
279.wood gun stocks and gun cleaning rods
280.2 boxes of drill bits
281.2 boxes of drill bits
282.assorted brushes and metal box
283.gun racks and gun related posters
284.Bauer 6 ft. fiberglass ladder
285.Garage door opening devices of ATV chains a couple of water keys
287.chain boomers, hooks,
288.Pig board hooks
289.Levels, tool belts, crow bars, etc.
290.20 ft. glove chain
291.angle grinder with grinding wheels
292.electric sander with wheels of bottle jacks, jack stand, etc.
294.screw jack
295.2 port-a-power
296.carpenters tools, wall paper, and cement tools
297.2 floor jacks
298.Simplex aluminum house jack A17
299.Templeton Kinly Co. House jack 22
300.Crowbar, wire stretcher, etc.
301.power chords, and shelving glass pieces
302.2 air hoses of pullers
304.3 pipe wrenches Rigid, 14"18" 24" Rigid reamer,
305.2 box fans, 3 elec. Heaters,
306.7 deer antlers
307.8 jack stands
308.cooler assorted pans fridge, and toaster oven and shop vat parts
310.Baldor bench grinder and black and decker electric drill and accessories of saw, belt sanders etc. of saws and jigsaws and soldering tools
313.assorted group of Makita tools (sawzall needs repair)
314.dove tail template and old miter saw
315.oil pan full of saw blades dado blade set press numbers and letter stamps
317.Rockwell miter saw with wooden stand
318.jet band saw
319.boxes of assorted Christmas decorations in the shop up on the shelf - photos to post later
320.HDC 16 speed floor drill press
321.tri star 230 ac/dc welder w/ welding helmet and leads
322.Lincoln arc welder ac 225 amp with cart, welding rod, helmet, leads and other contents
323.Clark parts washer of hardware and contents of cabinet
325.3 in 1 delta home craft table saw/belt sander/disc sander with stand
326.assorted hardware and old doorknobs with table
327.4 sprayers 1 is a backpack sprayer
328.pair of piano dollies - with straps
329.27 drawer metal bolt bin (full) with lots of hardware, nuts, bolts and etc.
330.contents of the cabinet and 8 part bins contents of all drawers - SEE PICTURES FOR DETAILS.... GOBS OF GOOD HARDWARE IN THIS LOT
331.4.5" bench vice
332.contents of 3 shelves of brass fittings
334.Schumacher battery charger 10 amp toilet, shop vac, oil pan and copper garbage can
336.Logan metal lathes with contents of shelves directly above
337.Craftsman HP 33 gal. with air hose and ends
338.2 perfit metal cabinets each cabinet has 6 drawers watch face repair supplies - VERY UNIQUE ITEMS
339.all paints, fluids, nuts, bolts on center north wall of shop
340.Harman free standing wood burning fire place with heat blower
341.peninsular stove co. Detroit model. 40ak 16" diameter cast-iron (needs repair)
342.jewelers wrigler grinder low speed jewelry tools
343.5 horse Briggs and Stratton engine 2" pipe gas powered water pump
344.century tap and dye set missing a couple pieces
345.Vermont American drill and bit set
346.2 wheel dolly
347.tool box with 6 drawers
348.assorted fishing lures
349.assorted fishing lures
350.assorted fishing lures
351.assorted fishing lures fishing fly clamps for tying flies
353.empty tackle box
354.empty tackle box
355.danger high voltage sign, fire extinguisher sign, paint pale
356.Mr. Heater 38,000 btu shop heater
357.2 boxes of tools
358.3 boxes of tools
359.3 boxes of tools
360.2 boxes of nails and electrical power cord
361.2 wood carved swinging doors 23" and 27" and matching magazine rack and coat rack
362.11 enamel pans
363.erector set and wheelbarrow needs repair
364.two 5 gallon cans with handle
365.4 old wooden boxes 1 texaco, 1 remmington, 1 DuPont flyer 9A wagon
367.2 cream cans - one has Brown Swiss Dairy stamped in it crib, little rocker, and child's bench all need repair
369.Winchester and Browning vintage retailer signs - collector metal signs - very rare
370.26"x29" Quaker state oil metal sign - DOUBLE SIDED - NICE SIGN of gas cans and car lubricants
372.contents of 2 shelves
373.11" DIAMETER WOOD water pipe section from the original Deadwood water lines - antique history here.
374.3 wooden apple and fruit boxes, metal watering can
375.2 wooden boxes American Fruit and product of Holland and watering can
376.Champion portable generator 3500 watt 196 cc motor, 12 VOLT Start. has key. like new.
377.large assortment of scrap iron, metal, garden tools, everything on the west side of the garage from the south corner to the alum. Tank, not including the alum tank
378.alum truck fuel tank
379.plastic 65 gallon water tank with lid
380.wooden doors and screen doors
381.approx. 20 tires 8" to 16" - including a full set of 4 matching STUDDED 245/75/16 Goodyear workhorse 10 plys
382.plastic pipe and wood blocks
383.sinks to gates to flower pots
384.banners, signs , lumber pcs. Including 6 sheets 4'x8'galvanized tin
385.contents of shelves nuts bolts, hardware, flower pots,
386.contents of shelves, hardware nuts bolts, belts, plumbing supplies, fluorescent light bulbs - THIS LOT IS LOCATED ON THE NORTH END OF THE FRONT SHOP TO THE LEFT BEFORE YOU GO DOWN THE STAIRS
387.large group of nuts and bolts
388.pipe insulation, old safe, file boxes, box of old braces, pipe,
389.4 gas engines, 2 floor scrubbers, home made water wheel
390.wood ladders alum ext. ladder, plastic tarp, heavy truck tarp, 2 1/2"-3" flex hose firewood rack
391.asstd. Lumber 2x6, 7- 2x10 11' long
392.Pair of Juralco 16' fiberglass ramps- - reated at 3,000 lbs. each - might need some repair
393.Rounder L-600 w/41" bucket includes all attachments 45" snow blower , 48" mower deck HP Honda gas Eng. , 42" forks, saw &3 blades 26",35"31" w/ Wisconsin gas Eng.
395.5 1/2' homemade hyd. Log splitter
396.48"x63" dump box
397.35"x74" firewood / tool box
398. 36" fire ring
398.1. 30" fire pit and 2 piles firewood - 1 pile is mostly treated wood.
399.scrap iron pile
400.old burner ,pan and steel balls
401.3 short pieces of hand forged Heavy chain
402.old hand crank drill press
403.royal H western chief fan for your Forge
404.bucket with several black smith tools
405.broad axe head , diamond R branding iron and small pulley
406.sad iron , stove parts
407.6 galvanized buckets & tubs
408.6 animal traps
409.vice, bar latch for a door, old windmill winch
410.ratchet straps,
411.2 group of lift straps and tow straps
412.cistern hand pump parts
413.Coleman 15' canoe - plastic - like new
414.4 bicycles
415.2-bicycles & sled
416.2 - 100 lbs propane bottles. 20 pound bottle and an oxy cylinder fence
418.2-54" hay rake wheels
419.corn fork 2-pitch forks
420.2-6 pane deco windows and group of wood boxes
421.2 bottom plow
422.2-old horse drawn dirt slips
423.Case 530 Construction King backhoe 24" bucket w/79" front loader general purpose bucket gas tractor 2 wheel drive.
424.642B Bobcat Loader gas Ser. 5040-M-26303 60" gen. purpose bucket, good tires, 577 showing on the hour meter
425.1999 DCT 8 1/2'x24' tandem axel gooseneck trailer w/lift up beaver tail and slide out ramps, 8 hole rims 7,000 lb axel, tires very good -floor is good. of 12 volt electrical supplies and testers.

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