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DOWNSIZING / MOVING AUCTION - # 1 OF 3 - MAY 19th, 2020 6:00pm MT

Item Description
1.bull elk shoulder mount - VERY NICE
2.mountain goat - front half mount - VERY NICE
3.Alaskan black bear rug with claws
4.Alaskan wolverine fur
5.Alaskan lynx fur
6.wallaby hide of bear claws - NOT CERTAIN OF AUTHENTICITY
7.wood saw approx. 31"
8.wood saw approx. 40"
9.wood saw approx. 45"
10.antique wire stretcher collection
11.dream catcher 9"
12.dream catcher 12"
13.dream catcher 9"
14.dream catcher 18"
15.dream catcher 18"
16.single tree and 2 hames
17.38.5"X28.5" Indian tipi scene
18.Indian with wolves picture 31"x25.5"
19.William rogers 1847 flatware of glasses and cigarette lighters
21.padlock with key
22.2 padlocks no key
23.1 padlock no key
24.1 padlock and key I C R.R.
25.1 padlock no key
26.1 padlock and key L & N R.R.
27.1 padlock 2 keys
28.1 padlock no key
29.1 padlock 1 key L&N R.R. SILVER
30.1 padlock 1 key
31.1 padlock 1 key
32.1 padlock 1 key L&n R.R. BRASS
33.1 padlock 1 key
34.1 padlock 1 key
35.1 padlock 1 key P C R. R.
36.1 1 padlock no key I C R.R.
37.1 padlock no key
38.1 padlock 1 key
39.1 padlock 1 key T R R.R.
40.1 padlock 1 key N W R.R.
41.1 padlock 1 key
42.2 padlocks 1 key
43.San Quentin death row #94 1 padlock 2 keys
44.Pony express padlock and 2 keys
45.Wells Fargo express padlock and 1 key
46.Large padlock and 2 keys
47.1 padlock G R R.R. & 2 keys and 4 BLUE key tags
48.2 padlocks no key
49.3 padlocks no key
50.2 small padlocks no key
51.2 small padlock no key
52.2 padlock no key
53.2 padlocks 1 key
54.1 padlock 1 key SEARS
55.old lock - PHOTOS TO POST LATER
56.2 padlocks 1 has 2 keys - PHOTOS TO POST LATER
57.2 padlock 1 key
58.2 padlocks 1 key
59.2 padlocks no key
60.2 padlocks no key
61.2 padlocks 2 keys
62.Indian doll 16" tall
63.3 small Indian dolls
64.3 small cowbells
65.3 small cowbells
67.2 cow bells
68.3 cow bells
69.4 miniature stoves 2 are piggy banks
70.salesman sample stove
71.salesman sample stove and cookware
72.salesman sample stove and cookware
73.5 pocket knives
74.hunting knife and sheath
75.29" tapered wood cylinder like a rolling pin - not sure what it is or what it for.
76.belt buckles, asstd. Pins, neck tie
77.2 small train cars
78.Indian doll in a carrier with hand bead work and etc.
79.chupa pop can
80.lighter, vhs homestake gold, miniature stein
81.2 small dream catchers
82.Indian stone mallet
83.moon shiners crock jug w/ wood handle
84.left open intentionally
85.middle eastern copper style tray and pitcher
86.patches, and lanyards
87.handmade quilt 76"x64"
88.French Bordello wood tub 52"x35" 10 1/2" deep - VERY OLD AND UNIQUE Lady shoes
90.3 leather belts 1 buckle of dishes and utensils
92.2 boxes glassware]
93.2 boxes glassware] of glassware, poker, marbles
95.2 boxes of bottles
96.7 chairs w/ casters. SELLING SO MUCH A CHAIR X 7
97.79" church pew
98.49" wide pump organ shell converted to a BAR
100.3 Hopi loop hand coiled baskets
101.seal skin masks
102.computing scale company old scale w/glass tray
103.3 boxes of old western movies including Roy Rogers
104.2 boxes of old figurines
105.2 boxes glassware, wood back scratcher
106.asstd. Silver plate serving dishes
107.2 boxes of figurines
108.2 boxes of figurines
109.dishes, Salad Master knife set
110.Billy Cook 15 1/2" 1979 Champion Calf Roper Turquoise Circuit saddle in very good condition
111.16" stock saddle
112.16" Bona Allen Saddle Co. stock saddle
113.16" Australian Man from Snowy River saddle
114.Royal J Platinum Poley 16" Australian saddle
115.Gray leather shotgun zipper chaps
116.Tan leather shotgun zipper chaps
117.3 Lariat ropes 1 is a new from Cactus Ropes
120.small child's chaps
121.leather chaps
122.Brown leather saddle bag
123.Black Nylon saddle bag
124.tan leather saddle bag
125.antique DARK WALNUT dresser w/mirror marble top, ornate carved wood very nice
126.wood saddle tree rack 6' tall (contents not included in this lot)
127.wood saddle tree rack 7' tall (contents not included in this lot)
128.single saddle rack - saddle rack only no other items included in this lot
129.20 Gal. Crock has a Blue Chief Marking and stars marking
130.2 wood nail kegs
132.National Magnavox stereo wood cabinet
133.2 bamboo patio chairs's golf clubs w/pull cart
135.ladies golf clubs w/ pull cart
136.CM Russell 43 1/2"x 28 1/2" reproduction damaged
137.dark wood hutch top 1/2
138.native American cane and bow
139.cow hide
140.antique wood rake w/wooden teeth
141.very old wall mount pool cue rack
142.2 horse hoods size large
143.pair of rawhide of stirrups
144.2 pair of stirrups of bits
146.pair of spurs and a bit
147.pair of spurs and a bit
148.New leather nose band and new rawhide bosal
149.1 child's stirrup and pair of spurs
150.plastic tub of assorted old leather and nylon halter with lead rope
151.bridal with snaffle and bat
153.2 breast collars and 2 tie downs
154.bridal and bat
155.bridal with snaffle bit
156.4 single stirrups of bits
158.old bosal of bits including new hackamore bit of bits of bits of bits
163.leather leads and bat
164.4 bits
165.5 bits
166.4 bits
167.big chief electric smoker
168.char-broil big easy fryer
169.set of golf clubs
170.set of golf clubs
171.8 foot special purpose wood ladder
172.shatillon metal scale with hanging galvanized pan
173.sithe with wood handle
174.floor rug 45"x69"
175.rug 32"x29"
176.woven rug 28"x61"
177.small rug 21"x39"
178.small rug 30"x32"
179.small rug 29"x57"
180.rug / blanket 33"x65"
181.rug / blanket 31"x64"
182.small rug 18.5"x24"
183.small rug 15"x21"
184.small rug 15"x22"
185.small rug 16"x34"
186.sears transit with tri-pod and 3 section grade stick of glassware, ashtrays and etc.
188.small corn planter parts bed warmer of dog collars and harness training collar training collars safe wireless containment system of dog collars and harness of deer antlers of deer antlers stroller
198.croquet set
199.2 boxes linens and jewelry displays old wooden base cabinet of Christmas items/decorations on the table
202.canopy carousel music box and enchanted forest figurines
203.snowman and bear figurines ware and light bulbs
204.1.bird cage with ceramic bird
205.old wooden box and collectible knives
206.shoe box
206.1.1/3 hp electric motor master scanner
208.craftsman cutting torch and gauges
209.welding rod and face shield
209.1.welding leeds and face shield
210.Clark weld model.131E with Craftsman angle grinder & etc with welding , clamp and Shauer battery trickle charger
212.1.Schumacher battery charger shoe plant stand
214.metal 24"x68"
214.1.3 birdhouses
215.3 bird houses
216.3 birdhouses and 1 birdhouse candle
217.craftsman 18" scroll saw drawer with key with wooden box
219.bird house and plant stand, welcome sign
220.2 enamel pots
221.2 small enamel pans
222.copper tea kettle
223.2 flower pots with gardening tools
224.2 flower pots
224.1.1 flower pot
225.2 flower pots
226.oval enamel baby bath
226.1.oval enamel baby bath tongs
228.cast iron pulley
229.rat trap
230.Erie #3 cast iron pot with bail and little shears, copper solder iron and hand vacuum pump
231.wooden pulley
232.wooden block and tackle
233.metal plant stand
234.small barbecue pit
235.patio table and 4 chairs
236.old steel can with lid
237.metal plant stand
238.big wind chime - made by cutting an oxygen cylinder in half
239.large heavy gargoyle
240.small heavy gargoyle
241.small heavy gargoyle
242.large heavy gargoyle
243.left open intentionally
244.large cast iron wheel table - more PHOTOS TO POST LATER
245.large cast iron pot belly stove 7 pieces -
246.large custom made fire pit with expended metal spark screen and sewing away bbq grill
247.claw foot foot cast iron tub - complete and has 4 matching legs
248.27" Mountain man reproduction bronze by F. Remington - VERY HEAVY
249.13.5" tall end of the trail by James earl Fraser - VERY HEAVY
250.Indian warrior 21" tall bronze - VERY HEAVY
251.Indian warrior 20" tall bronze - VERY HEAVY
252.native dancer bronze statue - VERY HEAVY
253.Winchester Mod. 94 30-30 lever action very nice gun
254.Winchester Mod. 1200 12 Ga. Pump w/18 " barrel 2 3/4 " chamber nice
255.Browning pump Mod. A-500 G 12 ga. Pump 2 3/4" & 3 " chamber
256.Ruger 357 Black Hawk revolver w/holster
257.Replica Arms Black Powder w/suede leather case
258.Navy Arms Black Powder 12 Ga. Dbl. barrel
259.Metal sign cutout Bear catching a big Fish
260.2014 Chevy Camaro SS Limited v8 gas edition white w/blue convertible top and blue leather interior, power windows, poser locks, automatic transmission with paddle shit, v8 power, cruise, backup camera, XM radio 10K miles enjoy the summer cruising with this one

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